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Shower Drain Assembly Diagram

KOHLER K-9136-CP Square Design Tile-In Shower Drain, Polished Chrome

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  • A shower drain assembly differs from sink drains since the drain body sits on the underside of the drain pan or the shower floor. A strainer piece, the portion of the drain you see inside the shower, threads into the drain body to keep it sitting snugly against the underside of the shower pan. Before installing the shower’s drain assembly, you'll need to rough-in a drainpipe under the shower and connect the drain assembly.

    I dont even know what the pipes (diagram) would look like behind a bathtub. pop-up drain can be lifted from the lower part of the tub drain. If 1952 Crane bathtub/shower drain assembly diagram I have a circa 1952 Crane bathtub supply and drain that has a two handle supply and a lever in the center of the air American Standard tubs, like all tubs, do not come with a drain-waste-overflow kit. These are standardized and must be purchased separately. They are generally

  • The first key in replacing a shower drain assembly is to turn off the water supply to the bathroom where the repairs will take place. This can be accomplished by shutting off the water supply to the one room in question. If the home is designed in such a way that no separate shut off exists, then the main water supply lines to the home will need to be turned off. This prevents any leaking from occurring while the individual parts of the assembly are being removed, and will not compromise the integrity of any new materials or 's putty put into place.

    The second key in this type of repair work is to fully survey the situation and all parts involved before beginning any removal. This often requires viewing the drain pipe assembly from an open access hatch cut in a wall behind the pipe location, or viewing the pipes through a . Modern homes are typically built using PVC piping, which is durable, long lasting, and can be cut through using a hacksaw. Older homes typically contain copper or galvanized piping, which require the use of a pipe cutter or a reciprocating saw, respectively. It is usually best to have all necessary tools on hand prior to beginning the removal of the shower drain assembly.

    Item What I used Cost
    Deck or Floor Mud Motar Mix (Sand/Topping Mix $10 / 80 lb bag
    Latex Mortar Additive (optional) $30 / gal
    Stucco wire or galvanized mesh $20
    Asphalt felt (tar paper) $15 / roll
    Shower Pan Liner $35
    Silicone sealant $5
    Tile Backer Board $12 / 5’x3′
    Shower Drain Assembly $70

  • To begin the repair work, most of the shower drain assembly can be removed from above. The drain strainer is usually attached by means of two screws, with either a flat head or Philips design, which can be twisted out and set aside before removing the strainer. The strainer body is located directly below the strainer, and should be held in place by plumber's putty. If the putty is old and decaying, this piece may be twisted out by hand. If the putty continues to hold strong, channel locks can be inserted into the opening and tightened, before twisting the piece out in a cork-like fashion.

shower base install and connect drain install - YouTube

Also, in the event I have trouble down the road, I was wondering if there is another type of shower drain assembly that works better. I have seen a brass type, which is very similar to the No-Caulk PVC version with one exception: The inside of the drain body is threaded instead of smooth and this accepts a ring, which is threaded tightly into the drain. I'm not sure what the advantage of the threaded insert is, so I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks.