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How to prevent shower drain clogs

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  • Just remember that a shower drain clogged with hair is normal. If you stay on top of things you won’t have to lookup information on how to dissolve hair in drain…lol.

    Using an unwrapped wire coat hanger can prove an effective remedy for removing deep shower drain clogs. Remove the top part of the shower drain and use coat hanger to probe the drain pipe until you feel the clog. You can attempt to pull the clog out of the drain, or force the clog into a larger region of the pipe where it is easily flushed out.

  • Cleaning the top part of your shower drain can often remedy a clogged shower drain. If hair and/or residue are visible, use tweezers or needle-nosed pliers to pull out matted hair and residue clogs. Shower drain clogs are often unsightly and create significant blockage that isn’t visible beyond the top part of the drain. Carefully remove the top part of the drain by removing screws to search for additional blockage. Use tweezers or pliers to remove excess blockage. Use a paper towel or toilet paper to wrap clog and dispose in trash.

    Prevention is almost always better than cure, of course, so don't forget to minimize the chances of your shower drain getting clogged again. You should certainly consider buying a , if you haven't already got one, to catch hair and other things from clogging the drain.

  • • You can clear most shower drain clogs with a plunger.
    • Place the rubber cup over the drain opening and run enough water into the shower stall to cover the lip of the cup.
    • Move the plunger handle up and down rapidly to force out the clog.

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