Shower Drain GrateWhite plasticFits fiberglass shower drain

The Dukkaboard Inset Tile Shower Drain Grate is a inset tile square for imparting a minimalist look to your shower or wetroom.

LASCO 03-1257 Snap in Style Shower Drain Grate, White Finish

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  • Remove the screw if there is one. If the screw is rusted in place then coat the shower drain grate with WD40 and wait 10 minutes for the WD40 to work its way around the screw. It should move after that.

    These Ebbe square shower drains work well with new shower installations and are ideal for tile showers, making it simpler and easier to cut tiles for quicker installation. are available in standard 3-part black ABS or the 3-part white PVC with a square drain riser and square drain cover plate. You can order square shower drain plates in chrome, brass, nickel, bronze, copper or pewter. Dix Systems also carries QuArtz locking (or non-locking) 6-inch square shower drain grates by ACO ShowerPoint that comes with a universal connection. Choose from 10 different shower drain grate designs to put the finishing touch on your walk-in shower floor!

  • Put on a pair of work gloves. This is an important first step that is often forgotten. Your shower drain grate is made of metal and, regardless of how old it is, it has sharp edges to it. It is also possible that years of use have created jagged edges on the drain grate that you cannot see until you remove it. The work gloves will protect your hands from the sharp and jagged edges.

    Redi Drain® Shower Drain Grates come in a variety of finishes. Please choose from the options above to find the best shower pan for your application or contact us if you would like assistance.

  • LASCO 03-1257 Shower Drain Grate, Snap in Style, White Finish. Grate plastic fits 2-Inch fiberglass shower drain. Fits Casper style shower drain grate. Use with tile installations. Durable white finish unit is ideal to combine with similar finish stall or combine with valve and spout fixtures to complete the color accent match in your new bath installation or bath/vanity remodel. Perfect for home remodels, housing flips, apartments, condominiums, or million dollar homes. Use other LASCO plumbing for all of your home improvement plumbing project needs.
    Shower Drain Grate
    White plastic
    Fits fiberglass shower drain
    Used with tile installations
    Fits Casper

36" Linear Shower Drain Grate and Body Options – DECOR DRAIN

The Dukkaboard Inset Tile Shower Drain Grate is a inset tile square for imparting a minimalist look to your shower or wetroom. This works by inserting a tile of the same type used for floor surrounding the trap, creating a modern and unique look.