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Schluter Kerdi Wall Line Drain Shower Tray 55" X 55" KSL1400S by Schluter Systems

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  • TAG : QuARTZ ACO ShowerDrain shower channels offer a more artistic ..
  • QuickDrain USA offers three shower drain product lines, each suitable for a variety of installations and price points. All three lines feature linear drains comprised of the highest quality materials, with fully-sloped drain troughs to ensure the most efficient and complete drainage of your wet area.

    I understand what you are conveying, but if I take the sink out of the equation, could I go with the set up I originally posted, but just add a vent pipe in the shower drain line somewhere between the shower trap and the sanitary tee?

  • The angled, straight and round versions of the ACO ShowerDrain E-line shower channels can be supplied with stylish green lighting. The ACO ShowerDrain Lightline LED module can be found in rainbow, blue or red. The control of the lighting is surprisingly simple. Once enough water has accumulated in the channel, the switching circuit connects to the contacts on the LED modules and the LEDs turn on. The lighting switches off again after a few minutes once no further water drains into the channel. In case the shower is used for fifteen minutes every day, the batteries will require recharging after approximately 90 days.

Plus High-quality product of the Linear Drain and Point Drain line