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The drain is fixed to the drain pipe from above the Shower base

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  • Sewer gases will come up through shower drain pipes because the gas is lighter than air. If you do not take a preventative measure to stop this from happening, your shower area will begin to -- literally -- smell like a sewer. Virtually every drain plumbing system has a simple device installed that will positively block sewer gases from coming up into your home. This device, the p-trap, works on kitchen drains, bathroom drains and it will work on shower drains, too.

    Replacement 120cm flexi shower waste flush pipe. This is a geunine Di Vapor extendable shower waste drain pipe which has a ⌀40mm plain spigot at one end and a ⌀40mm flat connecting end with fixing nut at the other.

    The fixing nut has an internal thread diameter of ⌀46mm with an external diameter of ⌀52.5mm. This fixing nut is suitable for connecting to a drain with ⌀46mm thread. The length of the extended pipe is 1200mm.

    We have a few waste traps which this pipe works with and those can be seen in the related products below.

    The material of the pip is PVC and due to the nature of the product, usually being under a shower enclosure tray, it can become damaged when the shower tray / enclosure is moved for inspection as the plumber or home-owner are unaware of how far the pipe underneath the tray can extend.

    We use this pipe on some of our steam shower models.

    We deliver this pipe worldwide.

  • If you are in the process of converting your shower stall to a standalone tub or bathtub and shower combination, ensure the installation is to code. A shower drain should pipe directly to a shower outlet, and a tub drain should pipe directly to a tub outlet. Without the correct drain pipe connections, waste water can drain from the tub and accumulate underneath it until it finds its way to the floor drain and eventually to the drainage system, which can create a health hazard.

    Drainage Fixture Units Description
    1. Each plumbing fixture and group of related fixtures has been assigned a drainage fixture unit (dfu) value. This value is based on the typical water flow demand of the fixture or fixture group and on the probability that the fixtures will not all be used simultaneously.
    2. Use the highest dfu value for a similar fixture if a fixture is not listed in the following table.
    3. Use a dfu value of 1.5 dfu for every 1 gallon per minute fl ow of water into a drain system from a continuous or semi-continuous source such as a sump pump.
    4. Note that the actual pipe size required for a shower or a fixture group that includes a shower may be different from the pipe size calculated based on drainage fixture units. This is because the shower trap size may be larger when numerous shower heads and body sprays are installed. Refer to Table P3201 for shower trap size requirements and base the shower drainage pipe size on the required trap size, not on the dfu value.

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    Re: Shower drain pipe

    Good/Great opinions, that is why I post.

    Some days the lights are dimmer than others and I need some claification.


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    Re: Shower drain pipe

    Thanks James, actually the bath tub drain that was properly configured was somewhat slow draining and the shower drained fine.

    Now the laundry configuration was recently reconfigured due to a interior basement system and now that the drain is sealed I recommended a trap.
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    We have a cast iron shower drain pipe in a concrete floor. It is a shower on a slab. We are building a shower pan with tiles or pebbles as a finish. We have purchased drain but it is not working - it is for premade shower enclosures. We need some kind of adapter to connect cast iron pipe with PVC...

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